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About Khayal

Where authenticity meets generosity

Khayal restaurant aims to spread classic authentic cuisines to the Middle East. A meat lover’s paradise, Khayal makes only the most succulent dishes, delivering authentic cuisines with traditional recipes that span years of family traditions.


Leaving lasting memories filled with the warm hospitality and generosity of cultures, made to be shared and enjoyed by all. We now have locations in Jeddah, Taif and now we are open in Yanbu City.

Tel: 920 002223  |  Email:

Khayal Menu

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and delivery, enjoy authentic cuisines prepared daily by our top experienced chefs. Our menu has a variety of different dishes that guarantee to satisfy our diverse customers’ taste.


From the oven baked breakfast pies in the early morning to the coal grilled meat selections in the evening, Khayal promises to deliver the best experience to you and your family and friends all day. We aim to perfect every dish we offer and make it from scratch daily.


Our menu can be enjoyed with our hand selected fresh fruit juices and finished up with the daily prepared authentic baklava and kunafa.

A Taste Beyond Your Imagination

For delivery and pick-up
Call us on 920 002 223
or order through our partners

Our Restaurants

Bringing authentic cuisines to the Kingdom



Opened in 2005, Khayal Jeddah is considered one of the town’s best food attractions. Bringing the authentic cuisines and its generosity, Khayal Jeddah aimed and achieved perfecting the restaurant experience for its customers in Jeddah.


The colorful authentic warm interior complements the overall experience and adds an authentic touch to the place.




Combining the beauty of Taif city and the authenticity of Khayal restaurant, opened in 2017, Khayal Taif is the perfect place where you can experience an authentic feast. On the outdoor terrace, customers can enjoy the stunning Taif weather with delightful authentic cuisines.

Contact Khayal

 EMAIL: CR@KHAYALREST.COM   |   TEL: 920002223  

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